Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! You can pause your SmoothieBox subscription for up to 3 months via your account page.

Your SmoothieBox subscription can be paused at any time prior to your billing date for up to 3 months. Manage your billing date via your account page.

Once logged in, edit your active subscription by clicking 'Edit':


*Please note, this image does not reflect your SmoothieBox subscription and is for demonstration purposes only.

Choose 'Next Charge Date':
AP_Next_Charge_DateChoose your next billing date by selecting the month and day you wish your next order to be charged. Click 'Update Next Billing Date'. You're all set!


*Please note, all prices, dates, frequency, and box options are not reflective of your account. These images are for demonstration purposes only and were made within a test account environment.