How do I change my smoothie flavors in my SmoothieBox?

You can easily manage your flavor combinations directly in your account prior to your next billing date.

You have complete control of what's coming your monthly SmoothieBox. Changes can be made directly in your account page.

From the 'Subscriptions' tab in your account page, click 'Edit' next to the subscription you need to update. Below is an example of an account that is receiving one SmoothieBox every 6 weeks. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 3.30.10 PM


On the next screen, click 'Manage Subscription'

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 3.40.03 PM

Adjust your flavors until 20/20 Smoothie Packs are selected. You may also select adding our Grass-fed collagen to your subscription from this screen as well. Once all changes have been made, click 'Submit Plan Changes'


Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 3.45.36 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 11.16.58 AM